Wednesday, December 23, 2009

An early new years resolution...

So it is not quite 2010 yet, but I have decided to make an early New Year's resolution. I want to row one million meters on my Concept 2 indoor rowing machine in 2010.

But before I get too far into describing the logistics of my goal, and why I'm doing this, I should probably say a little bit about myself.

First, my name is Jeff ("Hi Jeff!"). I'm 47 years old and in pretty good shape. OK, my friends would probably say I'm in really good shape compared to most 47 year-old males in the U.S. and I guess that's probably true. I do CrossFit 5 days a week, and CrossFit Endurance workouts 2-3 days a week.

In CrossFit we do a fair amount of rowing on Concept 2 (C2) rowing machines. If you've never seen or tried a Concept 2 rower (a.k.a. ergometer) , they are basically a piece of gym equipment that simulates rowing in a rowing scull. The C2 offers aerobic and metabolic training for the entire body - legs, arms, core... They are fairly unique in the world of gym machines in that you can never get better/faster/stronger than the machine.

In November 2009 I attended a CrossFit rowing certification class in Hamilton, Ontario. My goal was to improve my rowing technique with an eye towards improving my scores in my CrossFit workouts. I also love to teach and wanted to get the certification so that I could help others at CrossFit improve their rowing skills as well. Since attending the rowing certification class, my rowing has improved dramatically. I am now rowing several times a week and have started to look towards new personal fitness goals that I can achieve using the C2. Which leads me to this resolution...

I plan on rowing 1,000,000m in 2010. Now for those avid rowers out there, this is not a big deal. But with all the other things that I do fitness-wise (in addition to doing CrossFit I am also a triathlete and do about 6 sprint triathlons every year), and with all the other things that can occupy the life of a single parent living in the current day and age, a million meters will be a challenge to fit in. Let's look at the numbers...

One million meters is 2000 500m intervals. At a moderate pace of 2:00 minutes per 500 meters, that would be 4000 minutes or about 67 hours of rowing that I am committing to. Actually, I hope I go quite a bit faster than that... I've got a secondary goal I will describe later.

One million meters equates to a little over 2700m per day. However, I am having hernia surgery at the end of December, so I will be starting this little adventure in late January or the beginning of February. So that's going to make it a bit more like an average of 3000m per day.

Along the way, I'd like to get my 2000m time down to around 6 minutes, or at least under 6 minutes and 6 seconds (which is the average qualifying time for my age group for the last C.R.A.S.H.-B. competition)

So the purpose of this blog is to chronicle my journey, log the meters as I row them, and talk about CrossFit and rowing, and maybe even some triathlon stuff as well.


  1. I actually came across this by accident because it slipped my mind what 1,000,000 meters would be called (1 Megameter), but now I wanna do this too. There's a Conecpt2 @ the gym I just started going to so there is room for possibility.
    Good luck!

  2. Thanks! I go in for that hernia surgery today, so once that heals, I'll be hitting the rower to start the journey. Good luck to you as well. Let me know if you decide to do the Megameter.