Friday, January 29, 2010

Card reader

In order to gather the data from my rowing, the computer on the Concept2 rower -- the PM3 -- allows data to be saved to a smart-card.   I am really loving all the information that is gathered by the PM3.  I can very accurately track my progress.  This is particularly helpful for my CFE workouts where I am really focusing on improving my rowing time.

The down-side to the PM3 and smart card arrangement out of the box is that you have to have the PM3 within range of you computer or laptop to download the data.   Not a horrible inconvenience, but I really never use my laptop in the vicinity of my rower. So gathering the data means disconnecting the laptop from it's 9 cable connections (my laptop is well connected...), taking it to the rower, connecting it to the PM3, downloading the data, then reconnecting the laptop so I can update my blog, etc.

 (four cables on the left, 5 on the right...)

Earlier this week I ordered the athena smart card reader from the Concept2 site.  It arrived yesterday and today was my first chance to use it.  It works like a charm.  No more connecting and disconnecting the laptop to get the data off my log card!  Sometimes even a little convenience like that can make my day.

(a new fixture on my desk)

Here's the results from this morning's 10K row.  I'm starting to think I might be able to do the 10K distance for the March Madness challenge...

Total Meters
Total for Day

Meters to go


  1. Quite jealous of your rower. Apparently mine is quite a bit older at my gym. Need to step up my game after reading all your posts. Nice work!

  2. Thanks Tom! I know that the monitors can be upgraded on older rowers. Maybe you can convince the gym to get some new monitors. :-) The PM3 is really great. The power curve display (which is also not on the older monitors) really helps you to smooth out your stroke. It adds a lot of value to the monitor as a training aid.

  3. Nice work Jeff! I got to 100K today! Taking tomorrow off and will start chipping off Feb. meters on Monday! And the bubble wrap totally changes the 10K experience! I kinda look forward to them now. I ranked my best 5k for January and came in 17 out of 121! Woohoo!

  4. I'll be putting in another 10K later today. Want to get in a 50K week! And you are right about the bubble wrap! That stuff ROCKS!