Monday, January 25, 2010

First week in the can

Week one down and I did 25,499 meters for the week.  Not a bad start to the journey. 

Week 2 started off this morning with a warm-up paced 6K.   Which leads me to an interesting thing I noticed last week.   My objective is to spend 2-3 rowing sessions each week working on speed and time.  Typically doing intervals or time-trials and going all-out.   These are my CrossFit Endurance workouts.   The other 3-4 days I decided would be technique sessions where I would not worry about pace, but rather focus on my rowing technique: smooth pull, fast hands on the turn-around, tempo of the stroke, torso pivot from the hips, etc.   What I found last week is that on those technique rows I was very unsatisfied with my average times and I found myself losing focus on the technique.  I just can't let go of that competitive streak!  That is something I will be working on as I  move forward.  I figure if I really work on the technique now, the time will take care of itself during the CrossFit Endurance workouts.   We'll see...

Results follow:

Total Meters
6K warmup pace
Total for Day

Meters to go

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