Tuesday, January 19, 2010

3, 2, 1... GO!

My current game plan is to have 2-3 hard rowing workouts per week.  This may change slightly as triathlon season gets closer and I have to put in more time on the bike and in the pool.   Most of these workouts will be CrossFit Endurance style workouts (and I'm actually getting most of the workouts from the CrossFit Endurance site).   The remaining 4-5 rowing workouts per week will be rows in the neighborhood of 5K duration, just to get the meters in towards my goal of a million meters.  I am figuring I'll need to get close to 24,000 meters per week in.

For my non-hard-core rows, I will have two areas of focus: proper technique, and building towards 2K at a 6:05 pace.   Towards the second goal I will row at a 6:05 pace and hold it for as many meters as I can.  Each time I will log how many meters I can hold that pace, and each time I will try to increase the number of meters I can hold that pace.  Eventually I should be able to hold that pace for 2K... at least that's the theory!

Last night I rowed a 6x1:3 workout with my friend Julie.   Coincidentally both of us are in recovery mode, and both of us seem to have a hard time scaling things back!   The 6x1:3 workout is 6 intervals of rowing 1 minute (all out effort) followed by 3 minutes of rest.  Sounds deceptively easy, but as you progress the 1 minute gets longer and longer, and the 3 minutes gets shorter and sorter!.   Felt pretty good about my results, overall.  Particularly since it had been over three weeks since I had been on a rower!

One interesting thing that I discovered last night when I uploaded my results to the Concept 2 site is that while the C2 log card keeps detailed records of each interval of the row, when the results get "compressed" and you lose some of the details.   Of particular note is that the overall time of the workout (rest + work) gets figured into your average split time.  So my split time on the concept 2 site log looks pretty anemic...

Anyway, yesterday was the first step in the journey... finally!!!   Results are below.

Total Meters
Cool down
Total for Day
Meters to go

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