Wednesday, February 17, 2010

200K down, 800K to go...

After a 10K row this morning left me with just about 5K left to break the 200K mark, I just couldn't call it a day without getting that first 200K in the bag.  So I turned on the Olympics and started rowing while watching Shaun White work his magic on the half-pipe.  (That guy is to snow boarding what Michael Jordan was to basketball!) 

My intention was to shoot for a sub-20 minute 5K.  My PR on a 5K was a little under 19:30 last year during a CrossFit WOD.  But I found myself totally mesmerized by the snow boarding and my pace would slack.  Gradually my more aggressive workout turned into a fairly easy 5K.  Oh well...

But this leads me to the debate between watching TV or a DVD while rowing, versus not and staying totally focused on the effort.   Clearly my times are better when I am not distracted by the TV.  But staying focused on rowing on an erg for 40+ minutes is... well let's just say it's not something I excel at!  This is the same dilemma I face with winter bicycle training at home.   Riding on a trainer is just boring!  I find I really need a distraction to keep my butt in the saddle long enough to build up the conditioning on a trainer. 

With cycling, my outdoor rides are typically all-out.  So if my times durning the winter - when I am cycling indoors on a trainer - are not great, I don't really mind.  I can focus on technique.  Right now my CrossFit Endurance workouts on the rower are kind of like my outdoor bike rides... focused and aggressive.

Perhaps something like RowPro would be a good compromise for longer rows... interacting with virtual competitors might keep me focused on the effort, but also provide visual distraction for longer rowing efforts where I am really trying to get a PR. I'd be interested in hearing what others think about rowing with distractions versus not... and how they see it effect their performance.

Today's results that put me over the 200K mark:

Total Meters
Total for Day
Meters to go


  1. I love rowpro, found it to be very motivating racing myself and racing other "replays" from the online ranking.
    Online rowing / racing is also possible. Haven't tried that yet. Recommended!

    Up to 10K (40 min) I can stay focused, but 60 min rows are though. Don't see myself going longer than 60 anytime soon. Hats of to Michelle for her long distance rowing.

  2. Hey Johan! I'm going to download the trial version and check it out. Maybe we can sync up to try an on-line row / race together. :-)