Saturday, February 6, 2010


I don't know about you, but accountability is a huge factor in my exercise and fitness life. There have been countless times that I would so much rather hit the snooze on the alarm clock than drag myself out of bed at 4am to have my butt handed to me at CrossFit. But the accountability to friends who I know will give me grief if I miss a WOD makes me pull myself out of bed and get to the gym.

I have found this to be particularly true with regards to nutrition and diet. It is way too easy to let my diet take a back seat when I am not accountable to someone other than my impulses for what I am eating. When I have participated in Zone diet challenges at CrossFit, and am accountable to either a partner in the challenge or to others in the contest by having to post everything I eat, I find it much easier to stick with a diet. Saying "no" to cookies and other nutritionally vacuous foods (but mostly cookies... my kriptonite!) is much easier when I know I am going to have to "fess-up" later on a blog or publicly available diet log.

Which brings me to my row last night. My plan had been to row a 10K yesterday. But life and work conspired to keep me busy until much later than I had thought. I got home from a wonderful evening out at around 10:00pm last night (and had a fun dinner that contained more than it's share of food that was, well... not something I'd be proud to enter into a diet log).   I was tired and ready to call it a day... BUT, I had made a commitment to row 10K. And had even tweeted about it (and Concept2 re-tweeted it... Thanks!) I knew I was going to have to post something here on the blog in the morning... "I was too tired" didn't have a good ring to it.  I felt accountable.  So at 10:30pm I busted out the erg and pulled a 10K before bed. Didn't  break any records, but I did it. And some days, just doing it is the record you need to break.

As for today, I may take a rest day, or I may row again later this afternoon. At CrossFit this morning we did Fight Gone Bad which contained 3 intervals of 1:00 rowing for calories. I didn't feel like I had a lot in the tank after doing a 10K so late last night, but I had enough to get a PR (personal record) in the WOD. 288 - which is 10 better than my last effort on FGB. I am shooting for 300 by the end of the year.... stay tuned. And keep me accountable.

Last night's (almost) midnight madness row:

Total Meters
Total for Day
Meters to go

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