Sunday, February 28, 2010

Brighton Burn Ergatta 2010

This was a fairly light week, distance wise.  But it was a great rowing week nonetheless.

First, I rowed my first 5K time trial in over a year and beat my previous PR by a significant margin (and cracked the 19:00 mark).

 Brighton Burn Ergata 2010

Second, I rowed in the Brighton Burn Ergatta at the University of Rochester today  The Ergata was sponsored by the UofR Crew Team, and it was my first rowing competition.  It was also my first 2K time trial - not sure how I've never done a 2K before.   My time was reasonable, but fell below my goal of 7:00.   Perhaps that was a tad unrealistic, but I actually feel like I could hit that on better rested legs (and on a morning that didn't follow a wine tasting party!)  I held my own for the first 1300m, but with 700m left to go, my legs just ran out of steam.  I just couldn't seem to coax any more power out of them on the drive, and the prior day's CrossFit WOD of body-weight dead lifts, burpees, and box jumps seemed to take its toll.   Lesson learned... next year, a full day of rest before the competition!!!

That's me fighting to keep the 1:44 pace going...

The Ergatta was a great event - well run, well organized and lots of fun.   Hats off to the UofR Crew team on putting on such a great event.   I'll definitely be back next year and plan on bringing a sub-7:00 game with me.

The third significant event for me also related to the Ergatta.  Three friends from CrossFit went with me.  My girlfriend Laura, my CrossFit Endurance partner Julie, and Ryan who has joined Julie and me for a few CrossFit Endurance WODs.   All three of them placed in the medals in their age groups!   This was the first rowing competition for all of them.   I couldn't be more proud of the way they did today!
Team CrossFit.. Julie: silver, Ryan: Bronze, Laura: gold!

Today's results from the "Burn"

Total Meters
2K "Brighton Burn"
Total for Day
Meters to go


  1. Nice pics! congrats to all. Ryan is the one in the green tshirt in the rowing pics, right? No problems w/ ergs sliding on the gym floor? Results of the ergatta online yet?

    regards, Johan

  2. Haven't seen online results yet. Emails were sent out (which had me erroneously placed in the next age bracket - where I would have won a silver! LOL!) Ryan is in the green - great guy and a REALLY strong rower. He came sooo close to winning it.
    The guy to my left during the race (who won) was sliding around a bit. At one point someone came over and stood on the feet of the erg to keep it steady for him. Mine was ok... maybe I wasn't pulling hard enough! :-)

  3. I'm just so proud of her I could cry! You've got an awesome girlfriend!!