Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bumpy ride

Who knew that the choice of clothing could have such an impact on a rowing session?  I had an old pair of rowing shorts that I bought years ago as a substitute for unpadded cycling shorts.   I have a recumbent trike (truly the coolest Human Powered Vehicle - the Windcheetah!  Here is a great video of the Windcheetah in action) and normal padded cycling shorts just aren't comfortable on a recumbent...  Let's just say, the padding is in the wrong place!

So now that I've taken up rowing, I thought, "Perfect! I actually have rowing shorts!"   Unfortunately the shorts are made of some kind of a blend of spandex and cotton, and during my 10K row this morning I notice that the shorts seemed to be "shedding" tiny bits of cotton.   Hardly even noticeable until around 4.5K when the cotton fibers were accumulating on the beam of the C2 and the seat started to develop an annoying "thump, thump, thump".  At first I thought somehow the rollers were damaged.   But upon investigation I determined that the bumps were coming from fibers on the rollers.

So I had to interrupt the row at 5K and clean the beam and seat rollers.   I guess the rowing shorts will have to be saved for recumbent rides.

My 10K ride was therefore split into two 5K rows, with about a 4 minute rest in the middle to clean the rower.

In any case, I'm getting very close to knocking off my first 100K! It will be nice to see the "Meters to go" below the 900K mark.

Results below:

Total Meters
Total for Day
Meters to go

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