Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The first hurdle

My row this morning put me over the first 100K hurdle in my quest to row a million meters.  And while I am only a tenth of the way there, somehow knocking off that first 100K in less than a month has made the goal more concrete, and more achievable.

It reminds me of many of my CrossFit workouts, and of my experiences with triathlon -- and actually of many endeavors in life.  Before I begin, the task can seem insurmountable.   As cliche as it may sound, it really is true that the hardest step is the first one.  Just resolving to do it, and then taking that first step, that can be the biggest barrier to success.   Fear of failure, fear of pain or discomfort, fear of being out of my comfort zone... all these fears pull at my resolve to get started.   But one of the most valuable things I have gotten from all my CrossFit training is the knowledge that the pain and fear is fleeting; the pride of accomplishment is lasting.  I know that if I take that first step, soon I will be arriving at my goal and that step across the finish line is what I will remember. 

Typically there is a point fairly early on in these endeavors where I realize that that first step has turned into the first several, or the first mile, or the first 100,000 meters.  At that point I know that I will finish what I started -- that my momentum will carry me through.   I know that there will likely be some really sucky parts (like the last mile, or middle round, or perhaps the 42,000 meters I got talked into rowing all in one workout... eh-hem Bethany!)  but no matter what, my course is set, and I will finish.

Today was one of those early-on moments for me.  The first hurdle is behind me and there is no turning back.

Today's results:

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  1. Just caught up on your blog. Clearing that first 100k was a real boost for me too! Now I am pacing myself a bit more. Plan is to do 25k a week and do it in a different way each week. This week was 10K in 1K intervals, a day of piecing together a bunch of random rows to equal 5k a day off and 2 5K's. I have to admit while I was sitting on the rower today, that 42K seemed impossible....but all we need to do is that first pull, and the rest will kinda take care of itself!