Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Log card - FAIL!!!

Tonight I lost all the data on my log card!   I was double-checking my workouts as logged here, versus what was on the card (and uploaded to my Concept2 logbook) and found some discrepancies.  I have corrected my data here so that it reflects what is logged in my Concept2 logbook since that is the official record.  But in the process, I attempted to allow the C2 Utility to correct errors it detected on my card.  I think these were caused by a row back in December during which I had the date on the rower set incorrectly.   In any case, the utility crashed during the re-writing of the log card, and I was unable to recover any data off the card after that.  I had to reformat the card...  sigh.

So, lessons learned:  1) back up the log card after every upload. 2) double-check the data in my logbook before entering the times here (that was a pain... glad I didn't discover the discrepancies in July and have 7 months of postings to correct!).

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