Thursday, February 18, 2010

RowPro - first evaluation

I decided to give RowPro a try this evening... after I already did my CrossFit Endurance WOD of 10x0:30/0:30r sprints.  The software looks pretty good at first blush, but without having read any of the manuals or anything, I haven't figured out how to get it to connect to my Concept2 logbook to upload my workout.  I had to do that separately.  (If anyone knows how to do this, please leave me a comment.)

The graphics in the program are very nice, and the details of the data captured from the PM3 and displayed in real-time are impressive.  I may have to put on a heart rate monitor, just to see the graphs. 

I am anxious to figure out how to set it up to row against others on-line and to row against previous workouts.   Expectations are high.  I'll post a more complete review of the software as I experiment with it.  Stay tuned...

Today's results:

Total Meters
1K Warmup
Rest meters
Total for Day
Meters to go


  1. Hi Jeff,

    To upload to your Concept2 Online Logbook,
    Go to Control Center, Rowling Log tab, and right click on the piece you want to upload. Choose Export to C2 and follow the instructions. You will be asked for your logbook username and password, and ranking ID IIRC.
    Side note: glad you didn't beat my 5K on your first time out, after XFit training ;)

  2. Note that there's a logcard button in the Rowing log menu as well. Looks like you can read your card from there. Don't have one, so I don't know :). I like the graphs too, the DPS and WATT add to what the PM3 can show. I'll talk you through importing a rowpro file and setting up a session to row against a competitor (offline) if you'd like. Its easy once you know how.

  3. importing a rowpro file:
    Go to the C2 online ranking and find a competitors RowPro time that you want to download. Click on it, and you will be transferred to the rowpro site where you will have to enter your email adres. The file wil be mailed to you at that adres. Save the file somewhere where you can find it (duh).
    Start rowpro, go to Control Center, Rowing Log tab, hit the import button. Import from: Rowfile, hit import again. Browse to the rowpro file and click on it. It wil say "sucessfully imported" and something like "if it wasn't your username than we saved it under competitors log"
    You'r back in the rowling log. Hit the right most button, change "My log" to "competitors log" and you will see the file you just imported. Double click and a report about the row wil open, so you can check the splits etc.

  4. setting up a row against a competitors rowpro file: close Control Center, start Session Setup.
    Choose your piece, say 5000m. Change the nr of splits if you'd like to 10 for 500m split for example. Notice on the lanes. You are in lane 4.
    Click on row 3, choose competitor, and you should see the rowpro file you've imported before.
    You can also choose past row to row against a previous row of your own (like a PB). Or you can set up a paceboat. Possibilities a plenty.
    Have fun! I bought my copy this morning ;)