Sunday, February 7, 2010


This morning I did something I rarely seem to do... I didn't wake up to an alarm clock.  I had thought about going to CrossFit this morning, but decided instead to sleep in.  To allow myself the "luxury" of rest.

Upon waking up I pulled a 10K - just to round out another 50K week - but it was done without the sense of urgency or "gotta fit it in to the day somehow" that I find often accompanies my workouts.  It was, in many ways relaxing!  Afterward, I made some coffee and had a nice quiet breakfast.  No distractions.  No feeling like I had to be somewhere.  It was a really great morning.

And all that got me thinking about a wonderful book I read a couple years ago called "Sabbath: Restoring the Sacred Rhythm of Rest" by Wayne Muller.  In the book, Muller talks about the origins of Sabbath - the day of rest -  and about how as a society we have gotten away from allowing ourselves to rest.  Our feelings that rest is a "luxury" denies our physical, mental, and spiritual need to rest.  As a society we are so driven by the need to fill every moment of the day with important "stuff" we don't allow ourselves space to see that the moments are what is important, and not the stuff we fill them with.  Rest (Sabbath) allows us space to do that.  To allow the mind, muscles, and spirit to recover and regroup.  To get ready for the next cycle of work and busy-ness.

I'm feeling like it is time to re-read Muller's book.  And to try and spend some time these last few months of winter simplifying, de-cluttering, and re-prioritizing.  Making more room in my day-to-day life for family, friends... and for rest.

This morning's 10K:

Total Meters
Total for Day
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