Monday, February 22, 2010

Sunday: coaching and rowing

Last week was a busy one for me in the rowing department.  I logged 57,675 meters for the week, which is the most in a week I have done thus far.  I took today off from rowing and just did my CrossFit workout - which today was a combination of burpee-pullups and double-unders.  That was plenty enough exercise for the day!

One highlight of last week was teaching a rowing clinic at CrossFit Rochester on Sunday.  In one of my early blog posts I mentioned that one of the events that got me into all this rowing in the first place was attending a CrossFit Rowing Certification class back in November.   That class, which was done in conjunction with Concept2, really changed my approach to rowing and was a phenomenal experience.   Since getting that certification, I have been coaching several people at CrossFit on rowing technique.  Yesterday, after the 9:00 WOD, I did another clinic at the gym and had a total of 8 people attend!  I really had a blast doing it, and it seems that everyone got something out of it.  I noticed marked improvement in a few people, for sure!

Showing how to use the power graph on the monitor

My next goal along the coaching/teaching lines is to get my paperwork and video turned in for my Concept2 certification.   I'll be taking a video of my next coaching session so I have all the required footage for the certification.

Breaking it down...

 One of the people in the group asked me about my Vibram FiveFinger shoes... "are those rowing-specific shoes?"   No, but I have found that I really do like rowing in them!   I haven't done a long row in them yet, but need to do that soon.  I have found that every other shoe I have used on 10K rows is at least a little uncomfortable towards the end of the row.  Does anyone else have that problem?

Maybe I'll give the FiveFingers a try tomorrow morning...

Sunday's results (didn't count any rowing I did while teaching the clinic...)

Total Meters
Total for Day
Meters to go


  1. How are you going about getting certified as an instructor?

  2. I took the one-day CrossFit certification course. Concept2 offers similar courses. The CrossFit one is endorsed by them. Once you complete that course there is a workbook you have to complete. You submit the workbook and video of you teaching to Concept2 and get a grade on that (along with a critique of your video). If you pass, you get certified. The first step is taking a class. Check the concept2 site for details: