Friday, March 26, 2010

The Grid

The last couple weeks I have been wrestling with some pain in my right calf.   More precisely, in my achilles tendon.  This is an unfortunate result of too much running, too quickly in my Vibram five-finger shoes.   Last year I spent much more time easing into running in the VFFs and didn't have any issues at all.  But this year, with the weather turning nice, and my burning desire to try the KSOs in the indoor tri in March, I jumped right back into running after taking the whole winter off.  And my achilles tendon is paying the price.   Morales of the story... 1) Don't take the whole winter off from running again, 2) If you take time off from running, ease back into the VFFs...  Just doing CrossFit in the VFFs is not the same thing. 3) Occasionally check drivers license to remind myself of my age... these nagging injuries take longer to heal as I get older (which is totally unfair, and I plan on lodging a complaint as soon as I find someone who will listen).

That last part - about taking longer to heal - brings me to the main point for the day.   At my CrossFit Endurance certification class last year I was introduced to the trigger-point therapy tools made by Trigger Point Technologies.  Their tools are a collection of rollers and balls that are used to allow athletes to perform trigger point therapy on themselves.  (Trigger point therapy is a technique that applies deep tissue massage at specific body points to release tension and increase blood flow).  I have used the TriggerPoint tools with good success over the past year.  Recently they released a new tool called "The Grid" - basically a large foam roller with different textured areas on the surface.  I bought one a few months ago.

the Grid - I feel better just seeing it!

For me, one area that the grid has helped me address that the other trigger point tools, due to their smaller size, didn't hit as well was the upper hamstring area - where I am notoriously tight.   But since using it on my hamstrings I have started using it on my back and also on that nagging achilles tendon.   This has become my favorite home physical therapy device, and has worked wonders on my achilles the last week.   I wish I had discovered this thing (and trigger point therapy) years ago!   I highly recommend the Grid, as well as the other triggerpoint tools.

Been a bit behind on posting my rows... below are the results from the last three days.   Only a couple more 10Ks needed to complete the Concept2 March Madness 10K challenge!  I'm thinking that I'll hit the 500K mark this weekend, if I can fit another half-marathon in... among getting ready for a concert I am hosting tomorrow, and picking up my new running mate on Sunday...

Kira - my new running mate


Total Meters
10K (Wed)
10K (Thur)
10K (Fri)
Total for Day
Meters to go

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  1. sorry to hear about the achilles tendon. have fun w/ Kira