Sunday, March 21, 2010

It has been a few days since my last post, and I really don't like getting behind on things.  This past week has been a busy one.

I started the day with a 10K technique row.   Nothing too fast, just logging the meters and working on my stroke.  Knees together (always a problem), drive with the legs, pivot at the hips, relax on the recovery... repeat.   I feel like my stroke is getting smother and more "natural".  I don't catch myself making the same mistakes as often.  Probably time to video myself so I can take a closer look at things.

Then, later in the afternoon, my "Tweet Crew" teammate, Johan, tweeted that he just passed me on out team standings.  Well, I just couldn't let that stand, so I pulled a quick nightcap row to put myself 1 meter ahead of him for the day.  Hehehehe...  The advantage of living on this side of the Atlantic - I get the last shot in for the day.

And speaking of the "Tweet Crew" I definitely want to give them a shout-out here.  It has been a great way to connect with other C2 athletes around the world.  We've got some seriously good rowers on the team, and they are definitely keeping me on my toes and helping me stay motivated to get my meters in each day.  Thanks guys!!

Oh, and the rowing on Thursday took me past the 400,000 meter mark for 2010, so I'm 40% of the way there.  And I expect to hit 500,000 meters by the end of the month!

I decided that Friday was the day I'd tackle my first half-marathon.  Queue up a couple episodes of "The Unit" and dig in!!  It really wasn't as bad as I was fearing - which really seems to be the way it goes with most things that you fear.   The only hitch in the row was that at about 8000m in, I realized that I was about to "bonk".  I don't know how common that term is in the rowing community, but it is used a lot in the cycling world and describes what happens when you run out of readily available energy.... you "bonk".  So I had to hop off the erg and find some energy gel to get something in my system to get me through the next 13K.   Going to have to keep that in mind for future long rows - and particularly the marathon in April. 

Keeping gels handy is second nature to me when I'm on long bike rides.  Not sure why it didn't occur to me to do the same on the rower.  Live and learn.

The combination of the half-marathon, and a couple really hard CrossFit workouts on Friday and Saturday morning convinced me to take the day off from rowing.   Friday at CrossFit we did a workout that involved, among other things,  lots of overhead lunges (take a barbell loaded to 65 lbs, hold it overhead and to 120 lunges).  My butt was totally fried by Saturday afternoon!

I was featured on the CrossFit Endurance web site!!  They posted a link to my testimonial on the Concept2 web site where I talk about the benefits of using the Concept2 rower in a CrossFit Endurance framework for triathletes.   I am really honored that they put me up on the site.   There are so many CrossFitters that do CrossFit Endurance - most of whom are are fire-breathers that eat extreme endurance events for breakfast.  I marvel at the stories of the CrossFit Endurance athletes that get posted on the site.   I am humbled to be mentioned in the company of these amazing athletes!

Anyway, sore butt and all, I climbed on the erg and did my 10K this morning.   Still on track for the March Madness 10K challenge.   It had me thinking how many times in my life the days when I really don't want to get out of bed and work out, or when I can find every excuse NOT to do something, and somehow manage to do it anyway... those are the days when I have my best workout or best experience.  Funny coincidence that that's what Joe was blogging about on the CrossFit Rochester site yesterday.

So, I didn't break any records today.  No PR.  Nothing I'd care to rank at Concept2.  But it felt really good to defeat the excuses and do it anyway.  To paraphrase Michelle Toy's blog from last week...  It's in my DNA. :-)


Total Meters
10K (Thurs)
Johan+1 (Thurs)
Half Marathon (Fri)
10K (Sun)
Total for Day
Meters to go

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  1. LOL at the Johan+1 :) and same here in regards to thanks to the team for motivation etc. You're leading the team in K's and combining it w/ crossfit and triathlon so kudos to you!