Monday, March 1, 2010

A quarter of the way there...

Today marks the beginning of March, and also the beginning of the March Madness challenge at Concept2.   I had been planning on doing the 5K challenge, but in thinking about the distance I had been planning on rowing, I may actually be able to pull off the 10K challenge.   That would also give me a 250Km month.  And based on the milestone I just crossed today - 250Km - I would be more than half way towards my goal of 1,000,000 meters by the end of March!    I'm gonna have to give that some thought.

In reflecting on my performance at the Ergatta on Sunday, and in particular in looking at some of the great photos that Laura took, I realized that I have a lot of room for improvement.   In the photos I noticed two significant form issues I need to address - both of which were pointed out to me during my Rowing Certification class last year!   I tend to row with my knees too far apart, and I also tend to lower my head as I get tired.  The former issue makes for less efficient transfer energy from my legs on the drive.  The latter issue tends to restrict airflow - perhaps contributing to the side-stitches I was experiencing last week during my 5K...   This morning I was trying to focus on both issues during my 10K row.  I would really like to "fix" both these problems before they get to be too deeply ingrained in muscle memory.  It is a little frustrating that these habits seem to slip back into my rowing when I am rowing hard.   It also points out to me the importance of photos or video as a tool to self-diagnose your technique.  I'm going to have to make use of that more frequently.

Today's results:

Total Meters
Total for Day
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  2. I'm going for the 5K challenge. Just started w/ the Pete Plan, and most days the workout isn't 10K. If your doing too many straight 10K pulls there's a danger that it gets boring. But you can work in intervals like 3K, 2,5K, 2K, 1.5K, 1K w/ a couple of minutes rest in between or stroke pyramids or whatever to keep it fresh. cheers, Johan

  3. On my CrossFit Endurance days, I will be getting the 10K by mixing shorter intense intervals with longer, easy rowing. But I do like the idea of doing several longer intervals to get to 10K. Great advice!