Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sometimes you gotta keep moving...

...even if you are sore.

Yesterday and today I am paying the price for not consistently running on the FiveFingers over the winter.   My calf muscles are extremely sore today!   This, for me, is the running equivalent of early spring saddle soreness that I get biking.  I've never had a lot of tolerance for riding a bike on a trainer so most winters I find myself mostly bagging it.  And most springs get kicked off a period of being really saddle sore until I get reconditioned to spending time on the bike.   I had hoped that doing all my CrossFit workouts in my KSOs would keep my calves pretty well conditioned through the winter.   Not so much...   While we do an awful lot of box jumps and jump rope work, it apparently is just not the same as actually running.   Live and learn.

So last night, after a pretty tough CrossFit workout of heavy deadlifts and double-unders, I managed to make myself row a 10K before calling it a day.  I was really, really sore - and tired.  But sometimes you gotta keep moving anyway.   As a result, I am still on target for the 10K March Madness Challenge, and logged my first 10K towards the World Rowing Challenge.   Making progress on both challenges made the effort seem worthwhile.

Here's last nights effort... pretty slow, but slow is better than DNF!

Total Meters
10K (Monday)
Total for Day
Meters to go

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