Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Ok, that title might be a bit over-dramatic.  But there were elements of all three things in my row today.  It was my first full-marathon, and was part of the Row For The Red Cross event that I started with Bethany of CrossFit Geneseo.   So much to talk about... lots of pictures to share (thanks to my girlfriend Laura, and to my friend Randy for taking all the GREAT pictures!!)... let me break it down.

The Good

Really almost every aspect of the day was good.   Actually "great" would be more accurate.   First, and perhaps foremost is that I completed my first full marathon!  42,195 meters of (basically) uninterrupted rowing on a Concept2 rower.  My time is posted below.  I managed to keep it under 3 hours and 30 minutes, which was my primary goal for the day.  I'm tired, but not too battered from the effort.

But really, the thing that is more important to me is that the event was a huge success!   We had a great turn-out at CrossFit Rochester, with about 13 people coming out to row.  And several more came out to cheer the rowers on.  And just about everyone hung around to the very end when I finished.   I just can't put into words how much that meant to me.
CrossFit Rochester
 Laura rowing beside me at around 20K to go...

One of my fellow CrossFitters, Darren, jumped in to do his 5K when I had about 15K to go.   He hammered out a sub-20 minute 5K (by a good margin!) and then, after a short pause, hopped back on the erg to row next to me to help me finish it out!  What a HUGE mental help that was!   Darren is officially on my "I owe him a beer" list!  Thanks Darren!!!!

Darren helping me bring it home!

Thanks to the Red Cross, we also got some local media coverage.  Local CBS, FOX, NBC, and Time Warner Cable affiliates came by to video and talk to me about rowing, CrossFit, and raising money for the Red Cross. That was fun!
Proof that I can talk and row at the same time!

Again, it was HUGE success, thanks to all my great CrossFit friends, the great people at the local Red Cross Chapter, and especially to all the generous people that donated money to sponsor rowers.  We have raised over $3,400 for the Red Cross.

Oh, and I broke 600,000 meters on my way to a million this week!   With a bad back even!!!

The Bad

Really only one "bad" thing to report.  With about 5K to go, my laptop which was running RowPro went into sleep mode!  This caused RowPro to lock up!  So I was unable to save my marathon digitally!  FAIL!   And, of course, this was the one time I did not have my log-card inserted into the monitor.  ARRRGGGHHH!   Fortunately, I have lots of witnesses. :-)
RowPro, locked up with 5,591 to go!
See, I really did do it!
The Ugly
The one thing that I would potentially characterize as "ugly" is that 1/2 - 3/4 distance 10K.  When I hit about 20,000 meters I was thinking "Great! Almost half way there and I am feeling great!"   The next 10K seemed to take about 2 hours... Ughhh.   My pace stayed pretty constant, but mentally the clock just seemed to sloooooow dooooown.   I need to be mentally prepared for that next time I try this.

Next time???  Did I just say that?

Heck yeah!   We are planning on making the Row For The Red Cross a much bigger event next year.  We are hoping to even take it nation-wide!  Gonna have to get going on that.... But for now, I think I have earned an evening's rest.   And maybe a beer to replenish my electrolytes.  There are electrolytes in beer, right?  :-)

Total Meters
Does my back still work? (Thur)
Easy 5K (Fri)
Marathon (Sun)
Total for Day
Meters to go


  1. Jeff!
    I am so proud of you! You took our silly little idea and turned it into something great! The 3-4K we raised for the Red Cross will help a few people, and several people(at least here) discovered that rowing more than a 2K isn't really that intimidating. I had a great experience....not sure I want to do another one...but ask me in a week or two!
    Now...on to that niggling little 472K I have left!

  2. For me the "ugly" was the last 4K. I felt great up until then, but I really boinked on that last bit! At least it was only 4k of ugly!!

  3. Ricey! Great idea, great event, great cause. Thanks so much for you and Bethany for setting this up. Looking forward to it again next year!

  4. Bethany - Right back at you!! You absolutely *crushed* the marathon... your time was impressive! It was great doing the event with you. And it is great having you along for the million meter journey. :-)

    Randy- Thanks for all your support, pal! You are a great friend!!! And I know the Red Cross really appreciates all the money you raised. Looking forward to a bigger, better event next year!

  5. Excellent row Jeff, and to everyone who participated in this great event for such a good cause. Congrats to you!

  6. Congrats, again, Jeff. Great work. And you can always copy the workout onto a Log Card if you get back to it soon enough. (Utilities menu should have it.)