Sunday, April 11, 2010

One week to go!

Today marks one week before the Row For The Red Cross event.  In case anyone has stumbled onto my blog for the first time, the Row For The Red Cross is an event that I put together with Bethany Wadsworth of CrossFit Geneseo to raise some money for the local Red Cross.   It really started out with my new years resolution to row a million meters in 2010.   Bethany decided to join me in that quest and she's closing in on 500K now (Go Bethany!!!)  Then we somehow talked each other into rowing a marathon during Concept2's April Marathon Challenge.  Now we've got several CrossFitters joining us to row 5K's to raise money, and the Red Cross is talking to me about making this an annual event.  Funny what a crazy new years resolution can turn into. :-)

So, as I think ahead to the week leading up to the marathon, I am planning on a pretty easy week of CrossFit, running and rowing.  (I have signed up to run one leg of a trail marathon in May... never done any trail running before, so that should be fun!  One tenant of CrossFit's fitness philosophy is "try new sports"...  I've taken that to heart!)

I am thinking I'll put in one longer row tonight at an easy pace, then I'll keep it pretty laid back the rest of the week.   Though I have to log a respectable amount of meters to keep up with my friends on the C2TweetCrew virtual rowing team.  Our 12-man team has logged more than 2 million meters towards the World Rowing Challenge!  Check out the impressive distances some of us have logged in the past month!

Total Meters
Half Marathon (Thu)
10K (Sat)
Total for 2 Days
Meters to go

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