Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Short (forced) break before the big row

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball.  One of those "sometimes" for me was Monday.   I somehow managed to tweak my back at the beginning of a CrossFit workout.   Went to do a dead-lift high-pull and one of the muscles in my back went into a spasm.

This is a recurring problem for me.  Though I have been fortunate in that it has not happened for a couple years.   Consistent working out, and morning and evening stretching exercises seems to keep the problem at bay.   However, as often happens in my life, when something changes my daily routine something will end up forgotten or deferred.  In this case dealing with my new puppy in the morning disrupted my morning schedule enough that I have been forgetting to do my morning back stretches. (Yes, I am blaming it on the dog!)  No stretching equals higher susceptibility to back injuries for me.

So with less than a week to go before the Row For the Red Cross I am nursing a sore back.  Rest, stretching, alternating heat and cold treatment, and anti-inflammatories are the order of the day for the next few days.   I am hoping that I can get a 10K row in on Thursday or Friday to test the waters (pardon the pun) and see how the back handles the movement and stress of rowing.  Hopefully I'll be ok by Sunday (you can click on the link on the right if you want to sponsor me for the row...)

Never did like curve balls...

Here was my last row.  An easy 10K last Sunday.  My next row should take me over the 600K mark.

Total Meters
10K (Sun)
Total for Day
Meters to go

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  1. LOL on blaming it on the dog. We're all rooting for you to get fit in time for and do well during the Big Row