Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What I've been doing on my summer vacation...

Once again I realize it has been a long time since my last post here.  And lest my C2TweetCrew friends think I have totally abandoned the erg for other pursuits, I thought I'd update my running total.   I have been doing some rowing, though all of it has been at CrossFit workouts.  And rather than list them all individually, I thought I'd just tally them up and post the running total from my online log book.  Over the last couple months I have managed to get in 45,000 meters (kind of funny that with all the rowing WODs I've done over the last two months, the total ended up being a nice, round number!)

As August rapidly approaches, I hope to get more time on the rower and start finishing up my challenge for the year.  I have a feeling that September and October are gonna be pretty busy...

because I will be opening my very own CrossFit gym in September!   If all goes as planned Flower City CrossFit will be opening its doors around September 15th, 2010!  I will certainly be posting more about that in the weeks to come... so stay tuned.   The web site will be live in early August!

Total Meters
Misc CrossFit Rowing
Meters to go